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Uganda: Coca-Cola funds solar water project

Century bottling company, makers of Coca-Cola together with Solar Light for Africa and USAID have completed a water electrification project for Kalungi Health center in Uganda.
The Coca-Cola company provided all funding of $100,000 (over Shs180m) for the water project, which runs entirely on solar energy. Kalungi residents will now have access to clean drinking water, reducing causes of dehydration and water bone diseases.

“With water and electricity in place we hope to improve our health services and hygiene of the centre,” said Mr Peter Kagoro, the centre’s clinical officer.

The solar power at the hospital provides electricity to pump water from a spring water source approximately one mile from the hospital into a 75,000-litre tank located at the hospital.

Solar power is capable of running germicidal lamps that disinfect the water with ultraviolet energy to kill pathogens in the water. After the germicidal infiltration, the clean water is distributed to the hospital for use.

Lighting provided by solar power replaces the toxic and black fumes of kerosene lanterns and small paraffin lamps (tadooba) allowing the medical staff to care for patients well into the night and to perform surgery with better lighting.

The solar electrification also allows for the preservation of vaccines and medicines under refrigeration as well as the sterilization of medical tools through the use of autoclaves. Mr Bryan Jacob, represented Coca-Cola at the ceremony. “We are proud of the leadership role we have adopted in Africa mostly regarding the HIV/Aids issue,” he said.

“This project not only addresses that critical societal issue but also represents a tangible example of interrelationship between energy and the environment.”

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News date: 28/08/2006

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