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South Africa: Local firm in negotiations for feedstock for 100 000t/y biodiesel plant

Black-empowered biofuels firm, Siyanda Bio-Diesel, is finalising capital expenditure costs and tying up agreements with soya bean suppliers in preparation for the development of a proposed 100 000-t/y soyabean, based biodiesel production plant in South Africa.

The company, which is a black economic empowerment (BEE) partner to petrochemicals group Sasol and State owned Central Energy Fund (CEF), expects the turnkey project, which would consist of a processing plant for soyabeans, oil extraction and, oil cake manufacturing facility and a bio-diesel refinery, to cost between R800-million and R1-billion.

Sasol and the CEF chose Siyanda as a BEE partner in the proposed plant, Ramsamy explained.

He also added that, should Sasol not consider the 100 000-t/y biodiesel plant viable, Siyanda would go ahead and build a smaller plant.

Meanwhile, he said that Siyanda was in securing soyabean supply ahead of the project.

Additional information: the full story at Engineering News web site
News date: 23/02/2007

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