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South Africa: Endesa to buy GHG from four landfill

Endesa and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) have signed an agreement at the Carbon Expo in Cologne under which Endesa will buy 100 percent of the Certified Emissions Reductions from a portfolio of landfill gas-extraction projects developed by EMM.
This is the first contract of its kind signed by Endesa in Africa and follows similar ones in China and Latin America.

The project portfolio consists of four landfills owned and managed by EMM. Landfill gas will be extracted during the ongoing operations of the sites and at least 1.6 million tons of harmful emissions will be avoided by 2012. The reductions obtained from these projects are measured by certified UN entities and can be used to meet the greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) targets set for European companies under the Kyoto Treaty.

This operation reinforces Endesa's position as one of the leading private carbon credit purchasers via the Endesa Climate Initiative, a pioneering initiative for purchasing carbon credits. The target is to purchase CO2 emissions rights through to 2012 via the mechanisms provided for in the Joint Application Clean Development Mechanisms contained in the Kyoto Treaty.

Endesa's Spanish facilities slashed their CO2 emissions between 1990 and 2007, while doubling their output during the same period. Endesa sees sustainable development as a growth opportunity for the company, while not forgetting its social responsibility to the communities in which it operates, the efficient use of resources, its obligation to avoid undue environmental harm and wealth creation for those who invest in, work in or use the company's services.

EMM is a municipality in the province of Gauteng (South Africa), adjacent to Johannesburg and Pretoria. The current landfill gas projects are part of the ongoing effort to improve waste management practices in the municipality, reduce the environmental impact and create benefits for the population.

Additional information: More info at ENDESA website
News date: 09/05/2007

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