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South Africa lowers its biofuel production targets

The South African cabinet lowered its target for biofuel production because of concerns about the security of food supply.
Instead of a 4.5 per cent production target, the cabinet approved a two per cent target for production by 2013, Minerals and Energy Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica told reporters.

'We agonised in bringing down the initial 4.5 per cent; there was a lot of noise raised around food security and we had to respond to that,' she said.

'This is due largely to food security concerns, fears around (food) price increases and the fact that maize is a staple food source for the majority of poor in the country,' Sonjica said.

Crops such as soya beans, canola and sunflower could still be used for biodiesel, while sugar cane and sugar could be used for bioethanol, the minister said.

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News date: 06/12/2007

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