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South Africa: Solahart colours its way into Featherbrooke Estate

Solahart achieved a South African solar water heating first when the company recently introduced coloured tanks. The new coloured tanks earned Solahart the nod from the Featherbrooke Estate aesthetics committee, making it the first solar water heater producer to be approved for this prestigious development.
"Aesthetics is an issue with most upmarket developments," says Jim Hickey, MD of Solahart South Africa. The new colour options are a compromise that will make it easier for aesthetic committees to preserve the charm of their developments while still sparing the environment and allowing residents to enjoy the savings and independence that solar water heating brings, Hickey continues. It would be unreasonable for these committees to continue denying residents the savings associated with solar water heaters, especially in light of Eskom's proposed 18% price hike, yet they still need to protect their property values. The tanks used for solar water heaters effectively replace the geysers in a house but have to sit above the collector panels to make use of the thermo siphon principle (hot water rises). Because of cost, installation issues and the fact that most houses have an insufficiently steep pitch, the tanks are generally installed outside on the roof above the panels. With its coloured tanks, Solahart, already the most attractive system available, camouflages the tanks to make them significantly less noticeable. The system is available in a 12 colours all designed to match common roof tile colours.

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News date: 11/10/2007

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