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DRC: Funders to gather in London to discuss giant Inga power project

The inaugural financiers conference for the much-vaunted Inga 3 hydro-electric project, proposed to be sited on the mighty Congo river in the western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), will take place in London on Monday and Tuesday next week.
The project is conceived as the first stage within the far larger ‘Grand Inga’ scheme, which project proponents believe could deliver up to 75 000 MW of much needed low-carbon electricity over the next two to three decades.

Inga 3, itself comprising four parts, could deliver up to 4 500 MW of electric power by 2015, some of which could be supplied to power-stretched South Africa through a new-generation 800 kV high-voltage, direct-current transmission system, which would have to cross five borders.

The promoters hope that construction will begin during 2010 should funding become available.

Western Power Corridor (Westcor) CEO Pat Naidoo, who heads the Botswana-based utility driving the initiative, reports that a preparatory meeting will be held over the weekend ahead of the funding workshop, under the stewardship of the secretary general of the World Energy Council (WEC), Gerald Doucet.

This meeting would involve high-level representatives from the utilities and governments participating in Westcor, which falls under the Southern African Power Pool and has been set up as a joint venture owned by the power utilities of Angola (ENE), Botswana (BPC), DRC (Snel), Namibia (Nampower) and South Africa (Eskom).

Additional information: Read the full story at EngineeringNews
News date: 17/04/2008

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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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