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Swedish group to produce African ethanol

Sweden-based ethanol producer SEKAB Group is planning and preparing for the production of ethanol in Tanzania and Mozambique. With the tropical climate and its unused areas with good access to water, Africa harbours excellent national conditions for growing biomass for biofuels.
'We are working to help Tanzania and Mozambique within 20 years become free of their dependence on oil and export several billion litres of ethanol from the factories we are planning,' Per Carstedt, CEO of SEKAB, says.

The first factories will come online in 2011 and will be followed by many new projects in the coming 30 years. SEKAB is aiming to support and lead national efforts for biofuels through the long-term development of over 400,000 hectares for bioenergy production. The volume of export ethanol would be enough to replace all petrol and diesel for private cars in Sweden and Norway if the vehicles also use plug-in technology.

The countries have a combined area that is nearly four times the size of Sweden. Today Mozambique and Tanzania are completely dependent on imported petroleum products, which consume nearly 100% of their export income. Sugarcane and durra are the simplest and most cost-effective raw materials for ethanol production.

'There are unused areas of many million hectares available in both Tanzania and Mozambique which do not compete with food production or threaten biological diversity,' Carstedt points out.

Additional information: See website MSEKAB
News date: 09/05/2008

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