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Nigeria plans ethanol project

Nigeria is planning to launch the first fuel ethanol project in Africa, worth N14.4billion (€ 86.7 million) in Ekiti State.
CrowNek Green Energy will produce 180,000 litres of ethanol and 100 tonnes of starch a day, which would require 1,500 tonnes of Cassava a day.

CrowNek recently received 12,000 hectares of land for cassava production from the state's governor.

The company's chairman, James Awoniyi says the only way the country could increase its foreign reserve is by diversifying its means of fuel production through domestic production of the Cassava-based fuel, ethanol. He called on government at all levels to rally support for production of fuel ethanol, to revamp the dwindling fortunes of the country's economy.

According to Awoniyi, internal production of the alternative fuel would afford the country the opportunity to export more crude oil, when the fuel ethanol could supplement domestic consumption of petroleum products.

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News date: 10/09/2008

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