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2.2 billion euro for renewable energy in Morocco

Morocco plans to invest some 2.2 billion euro in renewable energies over the next five years. The Moroccan National Electricity Office, ONE, clearly shows its intention to be one of the global players operating in the development of renewable energy and thereby increase its energy production.
The country wants to increase its production of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, thermal or wave, to 10 percent in 2012 from four percent currently, in order to reduce spending and to gain independence of supply and reap economic benefits.

Reducing emissions
ONE wants to contribute towards the goal of reducing emissions by working with regional partners to develop renewable energy projects, dedicated to export to neighbouring countries and Europe.

Rising concerns over climate change have compelled the Moroccan authorities to look for cleaner ways of producing electricity, especially that the country has the potential to develop and exploit its renewable energy sources. Solar and wind power make the most sense for Morocco, the sun casts some 3,000 hours of light each year in the south of the country and the blustery Atlantic coast offers ideal conditions for wind farms.

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News date: 08/10/2008

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