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Kenyan sugar company plans 30 MW, grid-feeding power plant

Kenya’s Mumias Sugar Com-pany is set to construct a power plant which will supply over 30 MW of electricity into the national grid.
The company, Kenya’s largest sugar producer, is inviting bids from across the globe for the design, engineering, procurement and project-management contract for the new cogeneration plant. The project will involve the installation of a high-pressure boiler at the company’s factory, in the country’s Western province.

Mumias Sugar Company MD Evans Kidero says that a new high-efficiency turboalternator will be installed with the boiler to increase the capacity of the company’s existing five generators. This will enable the surplus power to be made available to the national grid.

“Being situated in the western region of Kenya, the power supplied by Mumias is strategically important for the economic development of the area,” he adds.

The project is a result of a detailed feasibility study, which incorporated input from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, the country’s sole electricity transmitter and distributor.

Kidero notes that generating power using a renewable source will earn Kenya international credits on carbon and methane abatement. “We want to generate power in line with internationally-recognised standards, as opposed to burning fossil fuels,” he states.

The new facility is a diversification of the company’s power-generation capabilities. The company generates all the power used in its factory.

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News date: 12/05/2006

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