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South Africa: New energy research organisation to be established this year

The establishment of the South African National Energy Development Institute (Sanedi), as promulgated by the National Energy Act, which was gazetted in November, to be implmented soon.
“Our immediate objective is to establish when and how Sanedi will be operationalised this year, because we have decisions to make as to how this entity will be funded, and where it is going to be located,” said South African National Energy Research Institute (Saneri) CEO Kevin Nassiep, in an interview. While DME chief director of energy planning Tshilidzi Ramuedzisi says the establishment of Sanedi was still in the initial planning stages, and discussions regarding business plans, funding and formal structures would start imminently.

The plan was to have Sanedi operational in the coming financial year, which starts in March.
Sanedi would essentially be the assimilation of the existing energy research organisations of Saneri, and the National Energy Efficiency Agency (NEEA).

It would be mandated to develop renewable energy resources, energy efficiency programmes, energy research, security of supply, and all energy infrastructure development co-ordination. The organisation would be directed by the Minister of Minerals and Energy, as well as the Minister of Science and Technology, with regard to research in the field of energy technology.

“One thing is clear, that Saneri and the NEEA will work together. So we retain a lot of the focus and the structure in this new entity. We don’t anticipate much change in the NEEA, and we will still work closely with the likes of Eskom and the regulator, in terms of supporting energy efficiency,” added Nasiep.

He said that Sanedi hoped to play a key role in the transport energy sector, with regard to energy efficiency.

Additional information: Read the full story at EngineeringNews
News date: 14/01/2009

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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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