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New software to accelerate RE investment in Ghana

REEEP-supported geospatial information system (GIS) toolkit to accelerate Ghana’s low-carbon energy development offers a model for future climate finance initiatives
A geospatial software toolkit on renewable energy resources and energy infrastructure in the country supported by REEEP was launched in Accra with an associated capacity building programme. The GIS is expected to decrease the cost of feasibility investigations, provide transparency and accelerate the regulatory and investment decisions in renewable energy.

This GIS is part of a REEEP-funded project that started with information on Ghana’s weather patterns, sunshine, rainfall and combined this with other existing data sets on electricity grid lines, road network, topography, population density, and land use patterns provided by the Energy Commission, Meteorological Service Agency, Forestry Commission. This data was all incorporated into an integrated GIS tool that can create and print detailed maps of a given area, overlay colour schemes, create different business and policy scenarios, and calculate the resulting costs, energy generation and emissions effects. Such low-carbon energy programmes by REEEP offer the potential for scaling up as climate change mitigation actions.

This new GIS tool provides a multi-layered and useful picture for both policy-makers and potential investors,” says Dr. Alfred Ofosu-Ahenkorah, Executive Secretary of the Energy Commission. “It will generate realistic cost-benefit projections for different financial incentives and energy development policies, and this will in turn help Ghana diversify its renewable energy mix away from purely hydroelectric. We’re grateful to REEEP for funding such a useful tool.

Additional information: REEEP web site
News date: 25/01/2011

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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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