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Expression of Interest for development of the national small hydro power resource atlas Kenya

The Kenyan Ministry of Energy issued a call for Expressions of Interest for development of the national small hydro power resource atlas and feasibility study for ten sites in Support of Vision 2030 Power Generation Flagship Project.
The Ministry of Energy is desirous of promoting a wider adoption and use of renewable energy technologies to enhance their role in the country’s energy supply matrix. In this regard the Ministry of Energy has undertaken to do resource assessments to assist Investors wishing to set up power generation plants from renewable energy sources. This is in line with its development policy, and these measures are expected to lead to reduction of cost of energy, increase the share of electricity from renewable sources, and spur rural economic development and wellbeing.

While the Ministry will continue to undertake detailed feasibility studies, it is still open for Developers to consider undertaking their own detailed studies in other areas of their choice. This will supplement the work being undertaken by the Ministry, and result in accelerated development of the resource. One handicap faced by developers and investors is lack of concrete information on sites and where to look for them. It is now apparent that there is need for development of a national hydro power resource atlas, which in itself is a database of critical information for investors and developers including communities. It is envisaged that such a study will involve collection of data and information on all hydro power sites developed and undeveloped on all river drainage systems. This will be GIS based metadata system complete with interactive query system for data retrieval and analysis.

The ministry now wishes to facilitate the development and production of a National Small Hydro Resource Atlas. Such study will involve on site data capturing, storage and a retrieval system that will pivot the GIS and an intelligent site energy development prioritization system. Out of the sites with good potential, the consultant will undertake detailed feasibility studies in ten (10) sites.

This Request for Consultants is fully funded by Government of Kenya and is open to Kenyan individuals, companies or firms.
The study will be conducted within a period of not more than Twenty Four (24) months.

The study will be conducted according to the following TOR:
1. Carry out survey of resource potential in all the river drainage systems in the country, and capture data necessary for the Atlas
2. Establish and Profile in GIS, information on the sites location and potential
3. Establish layers of inter-related, inter-depended information on GIS, necessary for hydropower development;
4. Categorize the sites by size(potential), river drainage system, counties, economic viability, etc
5. Establish a national database and information retrieval system for hydropower development.
6. Establish a data query system for interrogating the GIS for high level decision making and support system.
7. Carry out detailed feasibility study on Ten sites, including technical, economic and financial analysis

Eligible Consultancy firms are requested to express their interest in providing the above mentioned services.

Deadline: 27th September, 2011

Additional information: Full text
News date: 20/09/2011

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