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wind for shrimp processing farm Morocco

Two WES18 – 80 kW wind turbines for a shrimp processing farm in Tangiers, Morocco.
Wind Energy Solutions BV from the Netherlands has realized the installation and commissioning of two fully refurbished WES18 – 80 kW wind turbines at a shrimp processing farm in Tangiers, Morocco in June 2005. The owner, Aliments et Proteins du Nord SARL (APN), the Tangiers based company saw it's electricity needs increase and the costs rice steadily. Therefore it sought an alternative means to fulfil it's power needs and decided to install wind turbines to produce its own electricity. Two WES18 s have been installed on the premises near the shrimp ponds and processing centre. The high average wind speeds at the location assure a steady supply of renewable energy and can meet the company's peak loads. With an average wind speed of 6,5 m/s the wind turbines can produce 386.000 kWh per year. Excess power generated will be automatically fed in to the grid. Mr. Abdeljalil Elmernissi, the company's owner, is very satisfied with the functioning of the two wind turbines and he foresees a big future in Morocco for this type of wind turbines for any small to medium sized business.

Please see the press release for some photos.

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News date: 28/09/2005

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