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UK pledges support to CIF’s Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program

The UK Deputy Prime Minister has pledged an additional £25 million to support the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) program to provide clean energy access to the world’s poorest countries.
The United Kingdom has already pledged £50 million to the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program in low income countries (SREP) to finance clean energy projects in developing countries. The main goal of the program is to provide access to reliable energy in households and businesses in order to foster economic growth and allow low-income countries to prosper. The program has funded various projects, such as establishing local energy grids and undertaking geothermal energy production.

SREP is country-led and builds on national policies and the activities of other existing energy initiatives. It has country programs in Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Maldives, Mali and Nepal.

Additional information: SREP Website
News date: 24/04/2012

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