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Malawi Expression of Interest Wind service

Malawi’s Ministry of Energy and Mining is inviting expressions of interest from eligible consulting firms to undertake wind measurement and two site prefeasibility studies for wind power generation.
The assignment, which is part of Malawi’s drive to diversify from its overdependence on hydroelectric power, falls under the Malawi Energy Sector Support Project, being financed through a $84.7-million loan from the World Bank’s International Development Association.

The Ministry of Energy and Mining says the winning bidder will be required to identify promising sites, conduct physical measurements of wind resources at the selected sites, upgrade existing wind maps, analyse data, model – to feasibility-study level – a minimum of two wind parks and build capacity in the private and public sectors in the field of wind energy.

The preferred consulting firm must have a minimum of five years’ experience in wind resource assessment or analysis, feasibility assessment and wind-sector development planning.

The firm should also have a minimum of five years’ experience in developing-country settings and in analysing wind projects where data may be uncertain or inadequate.

The other requirements include familiarity with the challenges of weak grids and a minimum of five years’ experience covering the economic and technical aspects of wind park development and the incorporation of intermittent wind resources into a relatively weak national grid.

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News date: 21/09/2012

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