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Namibia's largest roof-mounted PV system complete

The 237-kWh PV installation, Namibia's largest roof-mounted crystalline PV system, has been successfully installed at Woermann Brock Supermarket.
The project sits atop the country's main supermarket retail outlet, Woermann Brock Supermarket, with 948 SW250 panels. The system will generate power to supply the market with electricity for general daily requirements ranging from the bakery department to butchery, cafeteria, cooling, and space lighting. Based on the electricity consumption pattern data that has been captured currently, the energy produced will off-set close to 40% of the supermarket's daily electricity consumption. Annually this will result in the production of 450-300kWh of clean electricity, thereby reducing the CO2 emissions by approximately 250 tons. Solar Age also completed an installation at the International Pharmacy which is adjacent with the supermarket, comprised of 89 SolarWorld 240W panels with a total output of 21.360 kWh.

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News date: 12/12/2012

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