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New biodiesel facility in Tunis on restaurant cooking oil

Incbio, a Portugal-based biodiesel technology provider, has signed a contract with Biokast Energy to supply an 8,000 tonne capacity a year ultrasonic biodiesel plant for installation in Tunisia, North Africa.
The companies the plant to be completed in January 2014 with local Tunis restaurants providing used cooking oil as feedstock.

"After a long time spent in the project-planning stage, construction has commenced and Biokast will become one of the few biodiesel producers in Tunisia," says José Marques, Incbio CEO. "Securing a regular supply of feedstock, and ensuring the plant is able to process it into high quality biodiesel, was key for this project and that has been secured."

The facility will only process used cooking oil, meaning it will add a role as part of local recycling initiatives, with Marques adding the eventual biodiesel will exceed both EN14214 and ASTM D6751 standards.

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News date: 12/09/2013

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