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Zambia’s Lufubu hydropower firm requests Expression of Interest

The Lufubu Power Company (LPC), a special purpose vehicle formed under the laws of Zambia as an independent power producer (IPP) seeking to develop a cascade project.
>LPC was established to develop a 326MW hydropower cascade on the Lufubu River Basin in the Northern Province of Zambia and is now requesting for an Expression of Interest (EOI) from experienced bidders for the design, engineering procurement, construction and commissioning of the first stage of the hydro power cascade with a nominal capacity of 163MW.

The preferred bidder will be expected to carry out all the works on a full turnkey basis for a fixed price, which LPC wishes to finance all or part of the project through limited recourse project finance. The financing package will include Export Credit Agency (ECA) financing.

The firm selected to carry out the works acknowledges that LPC requires ECA supported funding for the project, which will need to be executed in a manner acceptable to LPC.

Expression of Interest: Terms and conditions

Eligible bidders and or consortiums are invited to indicate their interest in carrying out the works by submitting an EOI in response to this request.

Firms submitting an EOI must have proven experience in EPC assignments for hydropower projects, preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa and shall not have been blacklisted by any bank or financial institution.

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a proposal in response to the tender documents by submitting an EOI, which demonstrates their ability to provide the works, setting out references for at least:

  • Four Dams at least fifty metres high and four power plants with an installed power of at least 50MW
  • 100km of transmission lines with 132kV minimum nominal voltage, which the firm has implemented and commissioned over the past 20 years
  • Showing an annual turnover of at least $750 million in its most recent financial year, as demonstrated by audited financial statements
  • Identifying projects in respect of which the firm has provided EPC services, which have been financed in whole or part by ECAs
  • Indicating which ECAs would be relevant to the goods and services the firm would provide if selected to perform the works
  • Identifying the minimum content requirements of such ECAs and the firm’s ability to satisfy such requirements in connection with the works
  • Identifying indicative terms including pricing, tenor, country limits, approval process and timetable, from relevant ECAs to provide financing to the Project should the firm be selected to carry out the works
  • Indicating whether the ECAs proposed would just provide insurance/guarantees or also provide funding. If funding is not provided by the ECAs, indicating which lenders would typically be approached by the firm to provide such funding, and including indicative terms from such lenders, while noting that LPC reserves the right to decide on which lenders are approached if the firm if the firm and their supporting ECA are shortlisted by LPC for the EPC contract.

Scopes of work: Lufubu hydropower project

The proposed hydro power cascade will comprise of three power plants (LU1, LU2 and LU3) in cascade with all the components of the power train;

  • Interconnecting 132kV Transmission lines and associated
  • Switchyard(s)/substation(s) linking the three power plants
  • Construction camps and access roads to the hydropower sites

Expression of Interest submission

Expression of Interests shall be submitted in seven hard copies and electronically enclosed in a sealed envelope clearly marked EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR THE LUFUBU HYDROPOWER, and duly signed by an authorised signatory to the following address:


Tender reference no./EOI/01/2016

Closing date

The closing date and time for receipt of EOIs in both hard copy and electronic format shall be 12:00 noon Central Africa Time on 30th June 2016.

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Additional information:
News date: 31/05/2016

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