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Community micro-hydro and pico-hydro

The first micro-hydro scheme run by ITDG in Kenya is nearing completion and has taken significant steps towards sustainability.
Capacities for local turbine manufacture have been built, including the electronic component fabrication. The project is being developed in partnership with the Renewable Energy Department (Ministry of Energy) which is reviewing the standards and regulations for distribution and transmission for micro power systems. This is a key issue which may have a significant impact on the costs of micro-hydro power schemes.
The pico-hydro power project is seeking to establish a sustainable infrastructure for the development of micro-hydro power for rural communities. It is researching the potential for pico-hydro (up to 5kW per unit) to be a sustainable and affordable technology for community electrification projects in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.
The project is a collaborative activity between Nottingham Trent University and ITDG-EA Energy Programme.

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News date: 11/01/2003

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