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Namibia Consider Solar Power As Another Source Of Energy

Namibia is seriously considering solar power as an additional source of energy, to counter the diminishing electricity capacity in the country and the SADC region, as a whole.
Mines and Energy Permanent Secretary, Josef Iita, says the continued over-dependence on fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil for energy, will not be possible in future, if alternative renewable energy sources are not looked at.

"This can be attributed to the fact that fossil fuels have a limited lifespan and the excessive use of fossil fuels is known to give rise to the serious environmental problem of climate change, with its possible numerous devastating effects"

Iita says as Namibia is not exempted from prospects of diminishing sources of conventional energy, the government is committed to finding alternative sources.

Iita says solar energy is one such alternative, given that Namibia is amongst the countries with the highest solar radiation levels, in the world.

The ministry during this week held a National Renewable Energy Workshop, which pointed out solar energy as an alternative energy source for the future of the country.

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News date: 02/02/2006

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